Camsoft hosts CNC Professional Seminar 2014

%%wppa%% %%slideonly=7%% %%size=300%% %%align=center%% Camsoft hosts CNC Professional training seminar. The seminar consisted of two days of instruction regarding the specifics of using Camsoft’s PC based CNC Professional Controller software. The first day consisted of a general overview of the settings that are available to configure the software. Important settings where focused on. The general […]... Read More

Camsoft Hosts Ayce Training

%%wppa%% %%slideonly=6%% %%size=300%% %%align=center%% This week Camsoft hosts CNC Professional training for Ayce Systems.  James and Ron from Ayce Systems have traveled all the way from England.  Their applications consists of Camsoft CNC Professional CNC system to control a lathe type machine which will be used to manufacture automobile wheels.   The system will also use […]... Read More
Device Manager

How to remove Rockey4USB and Rockey4 drivers from Windows XP

Camsoft’s USB dongle key security uses older RockUSB drivers.  On occasion, the driver that the Camsoft installation installs, gets updated by windows automatically or by the user unintentionally.  The newer RockeyUSB4 and Rockey4 drivers that windows installs, can cause problems for the software security feature.   Sometimes, the new drivers do work with the software and […]... Read More

Solution provided for a CNC Router when an axis on the motion controller stopped working

%%wppa%% %%slideonly=4%% %%size=450%% %%align=center%% Recently, a customer in South Africa, with our PC Based CNC Professional retrofit conversion, was in dire straights.  The Y axis on his Galil motion controller board went bad.  The cause is unknown and unusual as Galil motion controllers are very reliable.  The customer could have sent in the motion controller […]... Read More

Adding A Decelerated Stop To A Standard G1 G-Code

The main standardized version of G01 defines a cutting move with no automatic velocity change or deceleration based on a look ahead algorithm. However, many extensions and variations have been added independently by control manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers. The methods and algorithms implemented by other commercial organizations are often proprietary. Camsoft’s CNC Professional PC […]... Read More