Solution to WIN7 and Rockey4 USB key, key not found message with CNC Professional

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Written by Ruben

Recently, with newer copies of Windows 7, the message Key Not Found is appearing when trying to launch our CNC Professional Software.  Through further research into the issue, I discovered that some WIN7 installation come with newer drivers for the rockey4 usb key already pre installed in windows or perhaps installed through a windows update.  The newer version of the driver package is not compatible with our software.  Our software uses specific drivers which are installed during our installation process.  However, Windows will always choose the latest drivers thus the problem.  The solution is to try to uninstall the new driver package and force windows to install the driver package we need.

Uninstalling the new driver package can be done through the Windows Device manager applet.  When the Rockey 4 USB key is plugged into a port, you will usually see two devices.  One is called Rockey4 and the other is called Rockey4 USB, both under the Universal Serial Buss branch.  Select the Rockey 4 USB device.  Right click to select Uninstall.  The device should disappear from the list.  Select the Rockey 4 device and do the same.  If you get a prompt that asks to reboot the computer do so.  In any case reboot Windows.

The next phase is to force install the required driver package once Windows has rebooted.  Bring up the Windows Device Manager.  Now should find device with Unknown name.  Select and right click on this device and select Update Driver Software.  Follow the prompts to install the driver.  Elect to have the wizard look in a specific location.  For CNC Professional software, point the location to C:\AS3000\CNC.  For CNC Lite/Plus, and Graphical Operator Interface, for the location to C:\GALILOI.  The hardware wizard should continue with the installation.  If a message saying the the driver is not signed or authenticated comes up, go ahead and select to install the driver anyway.  At the end, everything should install successfully.

At this point, when you refresh and look in Device Manager, you should see a new device under Universal Serial buss Controllers called USB KEY.  This is the correct device required by our software.  Now when you attempt to launch our software there should be no problem.

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