Precision Wire Components hosts two days of private training for CNC Professional Software

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Written by Ruben

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This week, Precision Wire Components hosted two days of private training for for CNC Professional Software.  Precision Wire Components manufactures medical wire components medical applications such as surgery.  From what I gathered from their descriptions, the applications for medical wire are growing.

To manufacture these wires, PWC has developed a proprietary process and also retrofitted their own grinding machines for their process.  They are in the process of retrofitting a grinding machine with CNC Professional which will then become their new CNC Controller standard on new machines.  The demand for medical wire is growing and so the demand for more machines is increasing.  CNC Professional is providing them with an edge with the ease of installation, configuration, and customization of our product.

The application the CNC Professional will be used for is proprietary.  But generally, what they are doing is taking a thin piece of wire and using a grinding machine to grind things like tapers along the wire.  They will also have the ability to grind flats on the wire so there may be applications where they want the wire to be square instead of round, followed by round, followed by square section, and so on.  They are able to grind various types of shapes into the wire.

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