How to get past the IoLIB IoOpen message when launching CNC Professional

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Please raise your hand if you’ve ever been confronted by the cryptic IoLIB IoOpen message during a launch of CNC Professional software which left you pulling your hair out. This happens rarely but when it does, it usually happens during initial installation of the software. This occurs when Windows does not install the IoLIB drivers correctly or not at all.  There is good news: there is a quick and easy solution. The following steps will describe what to do to take care of it.

There are easy steps to getting ride of the IoLIB IoOpen message.
[membership]Before starting, make sure the current windows logged in user has full administrator rights. Also, for Windows 7 and above, make sure that Windows UAC has been fully disabled.  Also, make sure the Camsoft CNC Software Installation has completed successfully including the installation of the Windows update setup program under the c:\update folder on the CD.

  1. Click on Windows Start button.
  2. Click on All Programs.
  3. Click on Accessories.
  4. Right click on Command Prompt.
  5. Select to Run as Administrator.
  6. At the command prompt type regedit.exe and enter.  (Be very careful editing the Windows registry.  Create a backup of the registry before making modifications.)

    C:\Windows\system32> regedit.exe
  7. Check the registry for any IOLIB entries.  Delete all IOLIB entries that are found.  When the registry editor comes up it will look similar to the image below.  Click on the + next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to expand the branch.
  8. Click on the + next to SYSTEM.
  9. Click on + next to ControlSet.
  10. Find and delete the IOLIB folder.
  11. Repeat this for any other ControlSet folders found.
  12. Shutdown windows and turn power off.
  13. Power on PC.
  14. At the Windows desktop repeat the previous steps and confirm that there are no IOLIB folders found in the registry.
  15. With Windows Explorer or though My Computer, navigate to the C:\AS3000\CNC directory for CNC Professional or C:\GALILOI for CNC Lite/Plus and GraphicalOI.
  16. Run the IOLIBREG.EXE program.
  17. Click on the button in the program to register IOLIB drivers and exit the program.
  18. Shutdown windows and turn power off.

Last but not least, Power on the PC and when your back at the Windows desktop, launch the CNC software to confirm that you no longer get the IoOpen message.  Now that you are aware of these steps, save this to your personal tool box so that you can save your hair next time should you come across this.[/membership]

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