Precision Wire Components hosts two days of private training for CNC Professional Software

%%wppa%% %%photo=29%% %%size=450%% %%align=center%% This week, Precision Wire Components hosted two days of private training for for CNC Professional Software.  Precision Wire Components manufactures medical wire components medical applications such as surgery.  From what I gathered from their descriptions, the applications for medical wire are growing. To manufacture these wires, PWC has developed a proprietary […]... Read More

How to use the QUESTION command to prompt the operator for information in CNC Professional

The question command can be used in logic to prompt the operator for information or confirmation. The command will display a dialog window centered on the operator screen with a user defined message, a text box for data entry, and an OK and CANCEL button. The question command has three parameters which must be separated […]... Read More

How to configure Windows Server 2003 Shares and Security to allow Windows XP Home to access a network share.

Windows XP Home does not have the ability to join a domain like Windows XP Professional does.  However, Windows XP Home can still join a work group and work in a peer to peer mode and have access to a share on the server.  To create a share on a folder on the server, use […]... Read More

Solution to WIN7 and Rockey4 USB key, key not found message with CNC Professional

Recently, with newer copies of Windows 7, the message Key Not Found is appearing when trying to launch our CNC Professional Software.  Through further research into the issue, I discovered that some WIN7 installation come with newer drivers for the rockey4 usb key already pre installed in windows or perhaps installed through a windows update.  […]... Read More

How to configure Windows Powershell to allow for script execution

By default, Powershell is configured to not allow scripts to execute.  To allow scripts to execute, the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet can be used.  Run Powershell as administrator.  At the Powershell prompt type set-executionpolicy remotesigned.  This will set the policy for all users by default.  On a 64bit OS, set-executionpolicy must be run for 32bit and 64bit […]... Read More