Camsoft hosts CNC Professional Seminar 2014

Photo of Ruben Ordonez

Written by Ruben

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Camsoft hosts CNC Professional training seminar. The seminar consisted of two days of instruction regarding the specifics of using Camsoft’s PC based CNC Professional Controller software. The first day consisted of a general overview of the settings that are available to configure the software. Important settings where focused on. The general use techniques where described for settings. Various use cases where discussed as well as their application to various machine configurations.

Day two consisted of an in depth view of the internal commands that are available for customization of the controller software.

There was also a guest speaker, Mr Michael Chung, from Mitsubishi Electric Automation. The subject of Mr. Chung’s presentation where the various servo drive’s and motors that are available for motion systems.

At the end of the day, all the attendees where invited for a visit to Opto 22 for a tour of the facility.

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